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The fitness industry is filled with false information and social norms that as women we feel pressure to live up to. IdealFit UK is looking for ways to take control of your health. Developing healthy habits is a surefire way to make lasting lifestyle changes that will benefit you in the long run.

IdealFit UK care about your fitness goal instead of comparing ourselves to other women on social media-we believe in being your ideal with your journey to happiness-and we want to help you get here.

We know that every customer makes the brand what it is and we want to celebrate all of you determined women in the fitness world. IdealFit UK will provide you with nutritional support for recipe and snack ideas. Our professionals and nutritionists will guide you about the workouts and your daily fitness goals.

Women Protein-Live Longer and Stronger

Protein is an essential component of the muscle-building process. A lack of protein can be problematic for anyone and especially troubling for women in the gym. Protein provides other key benefits to hard-working, fit females.

  • Protein maintains your energy levels
  • Helps to burn calories
  • Protects against the loss of muscles
  • Helps in boosting your immune system

IdealLean protein shake is a whey protein isolate powder that has been scientifically formulated for women with added calcium, magnesium, vitamin D3, and vitamin B. Each scoop delivers a huge 23g of protein. This is the best product for repairing your muscles and stopping your feeling of aches and pains.

IdealFit Protein Products

VEGAN-FRIENDLY PROTEIN POWDER: Our blend of pea, hemp, and rice proteins ensures you are getting quality plant-based protein in every scoop. This IdealFit Protein product helps to build lean muscle, lose weight, and tone up with our Vegan-friendly protein range.

  • IdealLean Protein-French Vanilla
  • IdealLean Protein-Strawberries N Cream 900g
  • IdealLean Chocolate Brownie- 900g
  • IdealLean Caramel Mocha 900g