Bathroom Vanities & Cabinets-The Perfect Addition to Your Bathroom.

Remodeling your bathroom is all about maintaining a sleek and sophisticated look that maximizes simplicity with performance. The modern vanity is a central element to achieving this design style. Furthermore, in order to save money and still get the best vanity available today, take a look at some of these up-and-coming modern bathroom vanity cabinet ideas. In addition, the type of bath vanity sinks and cabinets you select indicates your style and taste. Therefore, PRODUCTOO SHOPPING carries hundreds of bathroom vanities to reflect that taste, whether you prefer a bath vanity in a contemporary, baroque, classic or any other design.

Styles of Bathroom Vanities and Cabinets at

A bathroom is a place where we can take some time to relax, whether it is a quick shower or a long bath. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that the space is aesthetically pleasing and stylish. Bathroom furniture should complement its décor. When choosing the colour of the fronts and handles, we should consider the colour scheme, tiles pattern and walls. White, black or grey cabinets match interiors in a modern style. Fronts in a wood-like finish will add a bit of cosiness to the bathroom. When it comes to bathroom cabinets, the options are endless. Beliani have put together a list of cabinet designs for your bathroom, both for small and large spaces. Each one is designed to suit different storage needs for modern homeowners.

Modern Style

  • A modern vanity cabinet is attractive and can have a single or double-sink vanity design. You may also choose between a vanity that requires a customized top.
  • Many modern bathroom cabinets have solid counters.
  • This style is characterized by natural materials and textures like stone, wood, and concrete.
  • Modern bathroom vanity cabinets with stainless steel and black accents are a perfect fit.
  • Stone coloured vanities are a fantastic way to give your bathroom an elegant and luxurious feel.

Traditional Style

  • You can find options with traditional features like open shelving, sliding doors, and freestanding designs.
  • Traditional bathroom vanity will offer a classic, elegant look, but it will also deliver all of the function that you need.
  • Built-in pieces or large freestanding pieces will be your best optionif you are looking for traditional style.
  • Traditional vanities are available in all sizes, from 24 inches on up to 84 inches, offering single and double sink combinations and a variety of storage arrangements.

Shop By Material

Particle Board: These are super-heated and then compressed into sheets of varying sizes and thicknesses.

MDF: The surface is usually free of splinters and knots and much smoother than particle board. 

Plywood:  It resists expansion and contraction if exposed to moisture or variations in temperature.

Solid Wood:  It works best with a natural or stained finish.

Upgrade Bathroom Vanities at

Bathroom vanities serve several functions. One of the main benefits is providing you with some drawer and cabinet storage space to hide away items like towels, cosmetics, and other bathroom products. They can also cover up pipes and serve as a focal feature for the entire room. Furthermore, there are lots of different types and sizes of bathroom vanities. A bathroom vanity with sink, for example, is a great choice if you’re planning a full bathroom remodel or building a new house. Double sink bathroom vanities are great for big spaces, and slim bathroom vanities work well in small and narrow bathrooms.

In addition, choose enduring material and classic colorways like white, natural wood or neutral tones. Polished or honed marble, quartz and natural stone counters will never go out of style, and the same goes for polished nickel or unlacquered brass hardware.


Changing up the vanity in a bathroom is one of the most affordable ways to completely transform your bathroom. So, when people are on a budget or doing a renovation one step at a time. Moreover, the price for bathroom vanities varies greatly depending on the size, style and materials used. The product range of bathroom cabinets starts from £129.99 – £849.99 while double sink vanities with marble counters are often investment pieces in your bathroom design. The price per vanity is linked to the quality of materials used to make it.


 From sleek and modern to rustic and traditional, there are so many styles to choose from when it comes to updating your bathroom. Moreover, whether you’re looking for a small single vanity to outfit a powder room or a showstopping double vanity to elevate your primary suite bathroom. The right kind of bathroom storage goes a long way in maintaining the look as well as cleanliness of your space. Therefore, check out this wide-ranging collection of bathroom vanity ideas to help inspire your renovation and open your mind to endless possibilities with PRODUCTOO.