Alpaca Coffee-The Spirit Of Coffee

The coffee industry has grown so much in the last decade and expanded throughout the world. Alpaca take pride in the fact that we work with high-quality coffee to ensure our customers get the best experience possible. From coffee supply, to workshops and equipment. Moreover, Alpaca Coffee are on a mission to ask the food and drinks industry the awkward questions, like how can this coffee be sourced better? Or why is this packaging made of plastic? In addition, Alpaca serve from compostable, plastic-free packaging, through to our carbon-neutral business footprint. In addition, Alpaca Coffee do everything to leave no trace. It also give 1% of profits to environmental causes. Therefore, you can shop coffee beans, Coffee pods, gifts, coffee equipment and merchandise with the Alpaca Coffee website link

5 ways Coffee Can Boost Happiness, Health & Productivity

  • Alpaca Coffee is a significant source of antioxidants and it has also been proven that coffee-drinkers live longer than non-coffee drinkers, even if there are sipping on decaf coffee.
  • Extensive research has shown that caffeine consumption in the morning is linked with an increase in alertness, concentration, and performance.
  • It is ideal for boosting productivity. Furthermore, Coffee can also boost your mood and reduce the amount of pain you feel during or after a workout, therefore allowing you to exercise more frequently and for longer periods of time.
  • Coffee consumption may also protect against Type 2 diabetes and decrease the risk of depression. But the less you consume, the better it works.
  • Coffee can make your employees happier, literally. Its dopamine-releasing properties make us feel happier because it is able to tap into virtually every reward system. Investing into great coffee will equal a happier work culture and environment.

Alpaca Coffee Products

PRODUCTOO SHOPPING offers its customers with best quality Alpaca Coffee. Moreover, Alpaca Coffee work directly with coffee farmers meaning it cut out the middlemen in the supply chain, ensuring what we are paying exceeds Fairtrade. All while being 100% traceable and choosing the best coffee for you. Moreover, This UK brand is distinguished by its commitment to high-quality coffee beans and blends, resulting in a brew that excels in flavor and aroma. In addition, Additionally, its affordability makes it an excellent choice for budget-conscious coffee drinkers who want quality without breaking the bank. Therefore, Browse and shop our Alpaca Coffee products with PRODUCTOO SHOPPING.

Four Left Feet From £9.95

The Herd Bundle £32.00

Brazil Fazenda Cetec From £11.95

Errrm From £10.95

Decaf Colombia Mustafa From £11.95

Colombia Mustafa From £10.95

Alpaca Coffee Non-compromising Features

It is the Alpaca Coffee that brings out the unique characteristics of each coffee bean, such as its flavor, aroma, and body. Moreover,  Alpaca Coffee aim to make coffee both affordable and sustainable, the team has an open-door ethos that’s supported by its ethical sourcing. Furthermore,  with a wide selection of beans as well as brewing guides the Alpaca Coffee ordering experience is user friendly too. In addition, Alpaca Coffee website provide with general information about the company, seasonal gift guides and a selection of recipes using their coffee, which all feels easily accessible. Therefore, Following are the Alpaca Coffee features making it a great all rounder.

Alpaca Coffee Product Features

  • Plastic Free
  • Carbon Neutral
  • Responsibly Source
  • Compostable

Alpaca Coffee Equipment & Gifts


The AeroPress is a groovy method of brewing because it’s pretty versatile. It’s travel-friendly, easy to clean and durable. The box contains all you need. Just add fresh coffee and hot water.

French Press

One of our favourite coffee brew methods. Easy and quick to use, especially when you’re starting out your coffee journey or need caffeine in a pinch. The BODUM Brazil french press has a lightweight borosilicate glass carafe and a reusable stainless steel filter and plunge. Furthermore, while there are many variations to the simple design, the most effective french presses almost always include three elements which are Strong Glass Carafe, Quality Filtration Systems, Classy and Durable Frame.

In addition, Alpaca Coffee assure you our product quality and offers a diverse array of coffee brand to cater to varying tastes and budgets. Moreover, coffee lovers seeking convenience without compromising on taste and avail the following benefits from Alpaca Coffee.

  • Corporate Events and Gifting
  • Hotels, Resturants and Cafes
  • Offices and Public Serve Spaces
  • Book a Free Consultation with Us

PRODUCTOO SHOPPING Refine your palate and elevate your coffee experience with this premier blend, our all-time best seller. The highest quality coffees from farms around the world, freshly roasted by hand to bring out Alpaca Coffee. Furthermore, we provide freshly roasted coffee to meet the demands of our varying customers. Moreover, making Alpaca Coffee a preferred choice for those seeking a premium coffee experience. Therefore, embrace the flavors, aromas, and variety that the Alpaca coffee has to offer, and embark on a delightful journey through the thriving coffee scene.

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