Ankermake-UK -Realistic Prints Possible with Perfection

AnkerMake UK is a group of engineers and hobbyists who love to make exciting prints that we can geek out about with our friends. We also understand the frustration of long wait times, droopy curves, and stringing. AnkerMake UK here by your side with a maker spirit and intelligent technology empowered by the leader in global charging, Anker Innovations. Let’s embrace a future with 3D printing that’s faster, smarter, and friendlier.

Moreover, with the best range of commercial 3D printing technologies, PRODUCTOO SHOPPING deliver a perfect combination of 3D printing, materials and application expertise. Furthermore, AnkerMake UK also proud to announce if you’re in the US/UK/DE and EU, you can order M5 with fast and free shipping right now! Plus, you’ll get 24-hour order processing! So if you missed the Kickstarter or pre-order deals, now is the time to order. Start 2023 right and make your printing dreams come true.

AnkerMake PLA+ Filament

AnkerMake UK Speed Lab certification ensures this filament meets high-demand printing tests conducted inside the AnkerMake UK Lab. Moreover, get high-quality 3D prints every time with this AnkerMake filament. Certified by the AnkerMake UK. Speed Lab and validated through over 12 months of high-demand printing tests. This filament is available in a variety of colors and is compatible with a wide range of 3D printers, making it a versatile and reliable option for both hobbyists and professionals alike. Below are the specification of AnkerMake Filament. Moreover,

  • Official AnkerMake Filament
  • Designed for High-Speed Printing
  • Durable and Resistant
  • Glossy, Smooth Prints
  • High-Adhesion Rate
  • Earth-Friendly Material

Pros and Cons of Filaments


  •  The filament environmentally friendly.
  •  It is designed to work with most FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) 3D printers, and the high-quality construction.
  • AnkerMake PLA Filament is also very easy to use.


  •  It is slightly more expensive than some other PLA filaments.
  • It may be slightly more difficult to work 
  • Undocumented error alerts

AnkerMake UK Accessories-More than you expect

3D Printing is one of the best in its field when it comes to both business and home-friendly fun. Moreover, AnkerMake UK accessories at particularly fair and reasonable prices. In addition, the accessories includes Extruders, Hotends, Nozzles, Cooling Fan, Soft Magnetic Steel Plate. The Flexible Build System and accessories are now available at PRODUCTOO SHOPPING.

  • M5 Accessories
  • From tiny 3D-printer scrapers to giant machines, PRODUCTOO SHOPPING have everything you need to level up your 3D-printing experience. Moreover,  3D printer parts and accessories online shop with thousands of quality, and professional parts. Browse and explore AnkerMake UK accessories.
  • M5 10-Pack Nozzle Kit £19.99
  • M5 Hotend Set £34.99
  • M5 5-Pack Silicone Cover £9.99

AnkerMake UK Software-Help you grow faster

Anker’s M5 clears the calibration and software hurdles of the traditional 3D printing experience, standing to help enthusiasts of any level easily print out original or downloaded object files at a consistently high quality. Moreover, there is a lot of software applications to the 3D printing process. From designing your parts to slicing them into G-code and even controlling a desktop 3D printer while it fabricates your parts. Thereby you have to choose some 3D programs along the way. Designed to optimize and personalize your AnkerMake products. In addition, AnkerMake UK M5 is compatible with many popular slicers. In addition, the AnkerMake UK Slicer software is currently in its beta phase and is only available for testing by media and Kickstarter backers. The AnkerMake UK Slicer and firmware use some open-source codes obtained through the General Public License.  If you’ve ever been curious about 3D printing, this is the perfect entry. And if you find your existing 3D printer too slow, the M5 is likely worth upgrading

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