Curtains & Blinds-Gives your windows the perfect look

Curtains have been around forever, while blinds are a fairly newer induction into the home decor world, which might make you believe that curtains are actually cheaper than blinds. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Curtains, especially when they are heavy, flowing, or custom-designed, actually cost a lot more than blinds since more raw material is used in their making.

In contrast, blinds have a minimalistic look and feel, and that goes beyond the appearance. They are actually quite eco-friendly, considering they use lesser materials to offer a modern window treatment for your home. In addition, PRODUCTOO provide with highly decorative option, consider pinch pleat curtains, with permanently sewn-in pleats for an elegant, tailored look. Choose either a double or triple-pinch pleat, depending on your style.

Different Types of Curtains and Blinds

There are several different curtain styles that you can choose for your home depending on your home décor and theme. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular options used in homes across the country. Therefore, updating your window treatments can provide a stunning makeover for an entire room. However, finding the perfect set can be a challenge. Moreover, selecting the perfect curtain design for your home is an exciting journey of exploration and creativity. By carefully considering the colors, patterns, and styles that complement your decor, you can transform your living spaces into inviting havens of comfort and beauty. At PRODUCTOO, our curated collection offers a diverse range of curtain designs, ensuring you find the ideal fit for every room in your home.

Choose Your Curtain Style with

Pleat Curtains

Pencil pleat curtains, also known as tape-top curtains, feature a pleated heading tape sewn along the top edge, creating a classic, elegant look. They work well with both curtain rods and tracks, making them a versatile choice for any room. You can find pencil pleat curtains in a wide range of styles, from floral curtains to plain curtains. Furthermore, you can choose the desired fabrics for curtains like Cotton, Linen, Velvet, Silk. This type of curtains suitable for both rod and track systems, works well with lined or heavy curtains and provide classic, elegant appearance. Furthermore, the Pleat Curtains price range includes under £379.99. Moreover, the fabric has a nice feel and hangs well, offering a subtle texture that complements a room with bold, minimalist pieces. We love that you can customize your hanging style, choosing from ring top, rod pocket, grommet or pleated.

Thermal Blinds & Curtains

Thermal curtains and Blinds can be customized to fit any type of window, whether it’s a standard size or an odd shape. At Wayfair, we offer made-to-measure thermal curtains that are designed to fit your specific window measurements. On the other hand, thermal blinds are designed with materials that can trap heat in the winter just as well as they keep things cool in summer. Their insulative properties trap heat indoors and prevent it from escaping when it’s cold outside and block the sun’s rays from heating up your home. Moreover, this type of blinds and curtains povide you with multiple benefits which include Energy Saving, Durability, require no screws or drilling, Improved Insulations and lots more. The product price range include from £19.99 to £49.99. Therefore, thermal blinds and curtains are the all-round weather-warriors your home deserves. 

Eyelet Curtains

The header of the curtains tells a lot about a room’s design, but it can be selected with space’s ultimate environment in mind. eyelet panels are also well accentuated by a contemporary room. They look fantastic and match modern decor better. Furthermore, they’re ideal if you’ve got a limited amount of wall space either side of your windows, making your windows feel taller and grander than they really are by fitting your curtain pole as close to your ceiling as possible. Wayfair offer beautiful and elegant style of Eyelet curtains which include Oriental Patterns, Plain and Textured. In addition, Wayfair Eyelet headers feature a circular opening at the top of the curtains that are enforced with grommets. To hang these curtains, you only need to thread these grommets through the rod and voila. The product Price range include from £19.99 to £49.99.


Blinds are a popular choice for window treatments in many homes and offices. They offer a range of benefits, from privacy and light control to energy efficiency and aesthetics. There are various types of blinds available, such as roller blinds vertical blinds, and venetian blinds, which come in different materials, colors, and sizes. Moreover, the blinds can provide multiple benefits which include Versatility, Cost-Effective, Improved Sleep Quality, UV Protection, Customizable. Whether you’re looking for some beautiful new window blinds for your kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom or conservatory, Wayfair have thousands of on-trends colours, textures, and designs, in both vintage and contemporary styles to explore. Therefore, finding the ideal look to complement your home’s décor has never been easier, allowing you to create the perfect ambience and balance of light, shade, privacy and style in any room. The Blinds price range include under £49.49.

Ready Made Curtains

Wayfair has an extensive range of quality ready-made curtains that provide a quick, easy and affordable way to instantly update the look and feel of a room. Moreover, if you have abnormally high ceilings or uniquely shaped windows, you might have no choice but to go custom, however if it’s a fairly standard height window you have on your hands, readymade are an option for you, and with Wayfair impressive range of printed designs, plain sheers, textured stripes and plain textures, there’s plenty to choose from. Moreover, Wayfair provide with either blackout, thermal, interlined, or standard lined curtains. Therefore, some of our most popular ranges are ring-top/eyelet curtains including the price range from £39.29.

Curtain Accessories

When we install curtains, we mainly do it for privacy from the outer world. It adds a royal touch to our interiors. Not only do they keep our homes warm in winters but also cool in the summers due to their heat absorbance and opaque nature. There are curtain accessories required for fitting the curtains like a curtain rod, holder, etc. It is not only the curtains that have to be finalized but their respective accessories also hold equal significance. Furthermore, Wayfair provide with different types of accessories for your curtains which include Curtain Tracks, Blind Rods, Curtain Blinds, Rod Holders.

To Wrap Up

Choosing the right curtains or blinds can transform the look and feel of any room, adding style, warmth, and functionality. Moreover, PRODUCTOO has the best range of curtains and blinds with customization as per needed. It offers a vast variety of designs, colours, patterns and kinds to choose from. Our curtains are of the highest quality and also go easy on the pocket. So, whether you are renovating your home or office consider installing blinds for windows to enhance the look and functionality of your space.