Direct Doors

Since 1987 we have been manufacturing doors furniture and related products. Moreover, we have also dealt with installing and supplying door frames and doors. As one of the leading door suppliers in the UK, we not only supply standard sizes but also satisfy our customers in terms of product range and quality while being innovative through new product creation on daily basis.

Furthermore, Direct Doors have a classy and elegant look of Sliding Doors, Bi-Folding Doors, French Doors, Pocket Doors, and Patio doors. Not only this we are also dealing in door for interior and exterior needs. for example, door handles, draught excluders, door hingers, and door locks improved door security.


Direct has been contributing its quality and luxury doors. Moreover, this website will give you a complete guide to purchasing a massive range of products. You can now purchase your luxurious doors with confidence and take out any of the risks associated with such a large and diverse range of DIY related products.

Here are some of the Direct Doors products collection of inspirational ideas for your home that gives your home a lace of elegance and style.

  • Living Room Doors
  • Dining Room Doors
  • Bedroom Doors
  • Kitchen Doors
  • Garage Doors
  • Bathroom Doors
  • Internal Sliding Doors
  • Bi-folding Doors
  • Wardrobe Doors

Direct Doors is one of the leading door suppliers in the UK. Furthermore, its purpose is not only limited to supplying the standard size of the doors but also focuses on the measurement of the doors accordingly to your desired capacity of the particular area.

Doors Frames                                                                                      

The Direct Door also has a wide and massive variety of Door Frames. Many of our Door Frames are made to order. Therefore, they can be made to virtually any door frame size required. You may have any idea come to mind when considering a door frame’s design, but there are more options you might consider before purchasing your Door frames. In addition, it’s important to think about your budget and what material will be the best match for the interior or exterior looks when choosing a door frames

Direct Doors gives your house and office a perfect look by choosing the Direct Door Frames and these include External door frames, internal door frames, frame side lights, architrave, skirting, and pelmet products. Door Frame Sizes are also equally important as choosing your door frame. It is advisable to check the breadth of the frame from inside to outside. Therefore, Choosing a good door frame design can bring you a lot of admiration for your guests.

Door Furniture

Door furniture is also called door hardware. So it an important to select the right product and accessories for your door. When it comes to the house or office décor everyone wants their place to look different and in short the best. Door Furniture plays an important role in giving your door a different look so considerably more attention must be given to its hardware too.

Direct Doors supplies window accessories, front door furniture, and internal door fittings including door hinges, draught excluders, and other related accessories. for your brand-new doors, Direct Doors have a suitable finish such as chrome, stainless steel,  etc. Moreover, Direct Doors has a wide variety of top quality door handles, door lock hatches, thumb turn, and letter plates.

The material used in crafting the door furniture of Direct Doors also maintains its quality. It’s made of 85% copper, our Aged Bronze which gives the product a rich matt look. The polished Bronze finish is perfect for adding a contemporary twist and can be highly polished or left to tarnish naturally.