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Donaghy Bros UK is the online store of home and electrical appliances in Northern Ireland’s leading independent electrical retailer, offering low prices on domestic and household appliances. Donaghy UK has two stores in Northern Ireland, Kilres and Limavady. Therefore, every product goes through a tough quality check. Its products follow premium standards and are incredibly reliable when it comes to energy efficiency, value for money, and upgraded technology.

Electric and home appliances are the core of every home. Therefore, we cannot ignore its value and significant use in our daily lives. The majority of household appliances are large machines that are usually used in our homes, kitchen, and for cleaning this modern world of technology, people tend to use easy-handle home and electrical appliances which are easy to use and consume less time. In addition, using good home appliances will play a significant role in adding convenience to your life. Moreover, discover and buy your electrical appliances at PRODUCTOO SHOPPING.

Bring Changes to Your Lives with Donaghy Bros UK Appliances

However, it is impossible to live a life without these domestic electrical appliances in this busy world today. Therefore, there are household products of Donaghy Bros UK. Moreover, these appliances mostly cover all our domestic needs such as, refrigeration, floor care appliance, laundry & Dishwashers, Small Appliances, Cook shop appliances, Baby Centre Appliance, Quooker, Others Brands Appliances. Moreover, Donaghy Bros UK offers an all-out extent of all electrical appliances you need in your home and kitchen, including warming and cooling devices, handiness gadgets, to say the least, that can be used by the entire family. Therefore,  you can explore your options with Donaghy Bros UK online product collection.

Products of Donaghy Bros UK


Refrigerator shopping is tricky there are many makes, models, and configurations to consider. The finish and energy efficiency characteristics are pointless if the appliance cannot meet your basic needs for efficient food storage. Therefore, Donaghy Bros UK offer number of refrigerator models , as it not only offers additional storage, but it can fit in a smaller space and provides the flexibility to create the ideal kitchen flow and look. If you’re considering upgrading your refrigerator, you can explore the options with this collection of top and bottom freezer model with

Floorcare Appliances

There is a wide range of choices and functionalities to choose from when looking for your first or next floorcare appliance and there are appliances at many different price points. Moreover, Donaghy Bros UK floorcare products features include  Cordless vacuum cleaners, Replacement bags,  additional batteries, filtration system and  lower power setting. Therefore, buy your Donaghy Bros UK vacuum cleaners from major manufacturers at a wide range of prices.

Laundry and Dishwashers

The dishwasher machine has revolutionized kitchen chores by providing a convenient and efficient way to clean dirty dishes. Installing dishwashers in kitchens can help save both labour and energy. Therefore, the Donaghy Bros UK Dishwashers product feature include Odor Control, Specialized Jets, Sanitize Option, Durability and lots more. On the other hand, Laundry you’re always looking for updated laundry features that will make that dreaded laundry day sail a little smoother. The Donaghy UK laundry contains the features with various wash cycles, spin speed selections, delay start, water temperature selections and energy efficient.

Small Appliances

if you’re thinking about setting up a new kitchen, you can explore the options with Donaghy Bros UK kitchen online collection of small and large kitchen appliances like immersion blender, coffee grinder, cooker, hand chopper, food processor and lots more. Therefore, Donaghy Bros UK provide you with small appliances that can be installed in smaller homes to make the most of the available space.

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Quality Brands of Donaghy Bros UK under One Roof

Donaghy Bros UK serves you with its top leading Brands of home and electrical appliances. Therefore, making the right investments for the accurate domestic product of Donaghy Bros UK is the best option to tackle your domestic chores. And what’s even better is that all product within each Brand category comes with free delivery and standard. Donaghy Bros UK website include its well-known brands such as: AEG, Beko, Belling, Blomber, BOSCH, CANDY, CDA, COSATTO, DeLONGHI, Doona, Elica, FISHER&PAYKER, Hoover, Joie, KitchenAid, LE CREUSETLIEBHERR, Miele, EFF, NINJA, NORDMENDE, Quooker, Range master, SAMSUNG, SIEMENS, SONOS, smeg, STOVES, UPPAbaby.

All Time Free Services for Your Branded Products

Dhonghy Bros products offer is not ignorable. It offers you with complimentary Induction Pan Set and discounted prices on its domestic and electrical appliances. Dhonaghy Bros UK also serves its customers with free delivery on all orders from UK and Ireland. Moreover, you just need to subscribe to our VIP Mailing List for Exclusive Deals and Offers.