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With plenty of expertise and the goal to offer great quality whilst saving you money, we are developing our own strong brands with sustainable design, “Made in Germany”. Furthermore, setting up a home garden may be easy but maintaining it can be a challenging task, especially if you don’t have the right tools. There are many different types of gardening equipment available these days, which can easily leave you overwhelmed with choices. In this blog, Expand highlighted some of the gardening equipment and Outdoor furniture you should follow to stay updated on the latest gardening trends and techniques. Therefore, Get the latest trends on Outdoor Equipment and Garden Furniture with best practices and more from PRODUCTOO SHOPPING.

The secret to a great outdoor Equipment

Regardless of what you’re doing in the garden – whether you’re tidying up, growing vegetables or creating a blossoming landscape – these are the essential gardening tools you need in your collection. Moreover, when maintaining the landscape around your home, there are several tools that will make the job easier and more enjoyable.  Furthermore, outdoor equipment can enhance your landscape by adding character and style. Check out our garden structure plans and ideas to create your own backyard Furthermore, Expando provides you with all the garden equipment and garden products at affordable prices. Browse Expando range of outdoor equipment and structures and find the perfect shelter for your outdoor garden space.

Expando Outdoor Equipment

  • Greenhouses
  • Outdoor Storage
  • Parasol
  • Table
  • Gazebos & Marquees
  • Garden Sheds
  • Garden Furniture
  • Garden Panels
  • Fencing

Outdoor Storage

Expando best outdoor storage shed solutions all in one place. Some great solutions to keep your resources nice and tidy and to access them easily. Moreover, Expando outdoor spaces are extensions of our homes and keeping them looking at their best requires some considered garden storage. You can explore the Outdoor storage products of Expando which includes statement sideboard,  sheltered spot, Poundland, and lots of other outdoor equipment.

Green Houses

A greenhouse is a great asset to any garden. Planning on investing in one? Expando Greenhouses come in varying shapes and sizes to fit any garden. Moreover, there is a number you things to put into consideration before investing in a greenhouse. Some of these factors are size, type, location, and the material. The Expando green houses featured with spacious, durable and easy clean glasshouse comes with horticultural glass and an easy open and close sliding door for access. Also comes in toughened and polycarbonate glass.


Garden parasols let you enjoy the sun from the safety of a shady spot, preventing sunburns and keeping you cool. Depending on the size of your garden and your budget, there are a lot of different types and models to choose from. Furthermore, Expando Parasol products featured with straight poles that often run through the centre of your garden table and are weighed down by a heavy base. Furthermore, Many have a handy tilt function to better control your shade, and some are height-adjustable, too.

Gazebos & Marquees

The Expando  Gazebos and Marquees are suitable for home/personal use, so it really depends on your preferred canopy of thickness and frame type. All Airwave gazebos are waterproof, regardless of the thickness of their canopies. Moreover, there are plenty of ways to style and accessorise your gazebo to give it that extra special touch for a particular event or occasion. In addition, with so many options available in size, shape and features for instant folding gazebo and Marquees so can experience the beat quality products of Expando.

Garden Sheds

A shed is a sizeable investment for most homeowners. Whether you are buying a new shed for the first time or replacing an old shed, you want to make the right choice and get the best value for your money. Moreover, your garden only has a certain amount of room. You want a shed that won’t dominate the space but will still offer ample storage space for your garden equipment, lawn mower and other garden accessories. Therefore, Expando Garden Sheds featured with advancements in design, you’ll see both plastic and metal sheds that mimic the appearance of wooden sheds. Metal and plastic sheds also come in a select range of colours.

Garden Furniture

Whether you have a spacious garden, a suitably sized patio or simply a compact bedroom balcony – when it comes to choosing the best Expando outdoor furniture for your home, it can be difficult to know where to start. Furthermore, Expando Garden Furniture offers such as pine, cedar, fir, spruce and larch are usually more flexible and lightweight than hardwood. Moreover, Expando also provide Hardwoods, Concrete Outdoor Furniture, Marble & Stone Garden Furniture, Stone Garden Furniture and lots more. Therefore, whatever your style or your budget, there is beautiful outdoor furniture for every home available at Expando.

Garden Panels and Fencing

Installing a fence and panels in your garden might not feel like the most complex decision you’ve ever made, but there’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing how you want it to look and what functional properties you want to. Expando Fence Panels are made with unmatched attention to quality and detail to ensure long life, discover a great range of Fence Panels here at Expando in a wide selection of different styles and materials.

Expando Garden Furniture

An outdoor sectional set is a great way to bring your patio or deck to life. It offers a place for your family and friends to gather and enjoy the nice weather. When searching for the current outdoor furniture trends. Furthermore, an outdoor space is more than just an extension of your home. It’s a private retreat where you can escape the world’s chaos, a magical space where memories are made, and a stylish sanctuary that reflects your personality. Moreover, Expando offer the best Garden Furniture sets are made with high-quality materials that are resistant to the elements.In addition, many of Expando sets offer extensions as well as an entire matching collection of outdoor dining tables, coffee tables, side tables, lounge chairs, and more. 

Therefore, Create a stylish outdoor oasis involves imagination, planning, and execution with Expando. Following are the Garden products of Expando so go ahead, unleash your creativity.

  • Garden Furniture Sets
  • Parasols
  • Gazebos & Awnings
  • Garden Chairs
  • Lounge Chairs & Sunbeds
  • Garden Tables
  • Swings
  • Cushions
  • Garden Benches


Brighten up your outdoor space with seasonal potted plants, colorful glassware, and statement-making sculptural items for your outdoor spaces. Moreover, Expando trends in outdoor garden furniture and outdoor equipment will help you to keep your garden and outdoor spaces looking great all year round. Therefore, choose from Expando unique selection of vibrant outdoor garden decoration ideas to create the perfect ambience for all garden gatherings.

Buying garden furniture or outdoor equipment today is easier than ever. Selected Expando products with conveniently and without time pressure via the online store. Once the shopping cart is filled with all the desired products, your payment can also be made conveniently. In addition to various payment systems, it is basically possible to pay either by invoice or by instalment.

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