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They can also be a charming way to break your outdoor space up into different zones. While the purpose of a screen is very practical, they’re also an opportunity to create something beautiful, whether that is covering them in climbing plants or making them a striking garden landscaping idea. Moreover, they are so many options out there from panels made from a variety of durable materials, and super-sized plants, to pergolas and even built-in water features. There are so many brilliant ways to screen your garden above and beyond a traditional wooden fence. Therefore, find more products to spend time relaxing in your garden with PRODUCTOO comfortable range of outdoor furniture.

Outdoor Storage

Storage Tents: Storage Tents are quick to erect, 100% waterproof, UV resistant, stable and can even be extended by combining tents together. The materials used in manufacturing Storage Tents are Steel Frames, Strong PVC tarpaulins, and flexible portions for entrance and lighting. You can also use Storage tents for private, commercial, or industrial use. The Durability of Storage Tents can get the most out of your storage space for years on end.

Industrial Tents: House of Tents offers high-quality, hard-wearing storage shelters for industrial, commercial use, and agricultural use. Therefore, PRODUCTOO have a wide range of industrial tents for sale with features that afford you excellent flexibility in designing a temporary building for your business storage needs. Temporary warehousing is an easy solution that provides you with a facility of industrial tents. Furthermore, it can also be used for commercial use and is ideal for restaurants.

Camping Tables

Tired of using your camping stove on the ground? Yep, you sure are. Let’s be honest, camping tables are not an essential item to sleep in the woods, but they sure make life easier when you do, and they are handy for more than just cooking. When scrolling through the table options, take special note of stability and portability. Furthermore, the product featured with stable, strong, portable, and easy to set up and take down. The workable surface area it offers, and with the steel legs adjusted to their highest setting.

In addition, there are loads of stylish options to choose from, too. Think sleek, concrete designs and colourful statement pieces that will instantly make your plot feel on-trend, or chic bistro set-ups that are perfect for two. Therefore, PRODUCTOO offers a range of stylish garden tables for your outdoor space in a range of colours and styles.

Garden Sheds

Look no further than PRODUCTOO fantastic assortment of garden sheds and workshop buildings. Our collection features a wide variety of options to suit every need. From durable metal sheds ideal for storing garden essentials to roomy wooden structures that double as fabulous studios, we have it all. Therefore, discover the finest garden sheds available in the UK right here, and effortlessly revamp your outdoor space. Furthermore, no matter the size of your outdoor space, PRODUCTOO have sheds and outdoor buildings to suit all styles and budgets. From small sheds to larger garden storage sheds.

Garbage Bins

Garden bins are the perfect way to store garden waste and to keep your outdoor space looking neat and tidy. Moreover, PRODUCTOO range of garden bins are made from durable, heavy-duty materials that are designed to last for years. Therefore, you’ll find a selection of different styles, sizes and colours to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that fits the look of your garden. Whether you’re looking for a traditional metal bin or something a bit more modern and contemporary, we’ve got you covered.

Our garden bins are also designed to be easy to use and maintain. They come with a lid, so you can easily store your garden waste without having to worry about it attracting pests. They also feature two wheels, so you can move them around with ease. And, if you’re looking for a bin that’s easy to empty, our range of garden bins come with a removable bottom, so you can easily dispose of the waste.


Parasols have been a part of human culture for thousands of years. From their first use as a tool to protect against the sun’s harmful rays to their modern-day use as a fashion accessory, parasols have come a long way. Furthermore, when summer comes, there’s nothing better than sitting outside in your garden. But even though we all love to bask in the sunshine, we occasionally need to escape it. In addition, Parasols provide shade and protection from the sun whilst allowing you to enjoy your garden to its fullest. Additionally, they’re great for adding a splash of colour to your patio or decking. Therefore, with so many sizes and styles to choose from, picking the right parasol is no easy task.

Garden Screens

Creating a beautiful garden needn’t be difficult. There are endless possibilities to upgrade and enhance your outside space with PRODUCTOO. Furthermore, one of these is using a garden screen. Versatile and practical, these additions look fantastic while keeping your garden private. Moreover, there’s a style to suit any sized plot or budget, too. Whether you need to up the privacy on your balcony, add a versatile shelter for a spot of sunbathing, liven up a hedge, or simply block off the bins, you can be sure that there’s a screening solution for you. In addition, the use of vertical screening in gardening has many design benefits for outdoor spaces. Moreover, garden screens improve and enhance the aesthetics, functionality and value of your garden.

Arbours & Pergolas

The words pergolas and Arbour are often used interchangeably to describe two similar outdoor structures. Both are built with posts that support an open roof of beams or lattice. You can place an arbor anywhere in your backyard. But this freestanding structure typically serves as an entrance to a part of a yard or garden. On the other hand, Arbors include two or four posts with a simple slatted roof (often arched, but not always). The sides of an arbor can be open or covered with lattice or trellis work for a more enclosed effect and to help vines better attach. Therefore, PRODUCTOO offer garden Arbours & Pergolas for that add style and class to any outdoor space. We have a wide range of beautiful wooden Arbours & Pergolas online.


Fencing is a hugely popular and economical choice when it comes to garden privacy screens. It’s very versatile and can be painted easily to reflect changing garden trends. There are a number of fencing styles, from basic inexpensive overlap (rough-hewn timber strips overlapping each other) to contemporary horizontal cedar slats. Moreover, they’re a classic choice for marking the boundaries of your outdoor space – whether that’s defining your front garden, screening off your neighbor’s patio, or distinguishing different ‘rooms’.

However, fences aren’t just for practicalities or privacy. They can be a stunning feature in themselves. There’s plenty of choice when it comes to materials, size, and color, meaning you can opt for a style that will truly complement your garden. Therefore, PRODUCTOO offer from rustic charm to contemporary designs, you can be sure that there’s a fence out there that’s perfect for your space.

Final Thoughts

At PRODUCTOO we know how important it is to have high-quality and reliable outdoor equipment. So you can get outside and enjoy yourself without having to worry about your equipment. Moreover, explore the world of garden equipment, essential companions for thriving outdoor space. Furthermore, don’t forget the importance of comfort in your gardening routine – invest in quality garden kneelers for added support. Secure your garden’s boundaries with PRODUCTOO selection of outdoor equipment, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal. Therefore, embrace the beauty of your outdoor space with the right equipment.