The ultimate Storage Solution

Purchasing the correct storage units for a business may seem like something small, but when it comes to keeping important documents, equipment and belongings safe and secure, you need to utilise the best possible units that are available. Moreover, Understanding the many different types of storage systems is the key to designing efficient solutions for your business. You can explore storage products which include lockers, cabinets, cupboards, grit storage bins, fire storage equipment and cloakroom equipment. These products all have a purpose, and this is to protect its contents by keeping everything inside in the best possible condition. Therefore, with PRODUCTOO SHOPPPING   you find the right equipment to outfit your facility at an attractive price point.

Type of Storage products

  • Cabinets
  • Sideboards
  • Bookcases
  • Bedside Tables
  • Shelves
  • Chest of Drawers
  • Wardrobes
  • Dressing Tables
  • Wall Shelves


In a workplace or business, a cabinet isn’t just part of the furniture, it is a piece of equipment that is necessary and used to help safely store important or dangerous equipment or substances. Without them, important supplies could get damaged or cause a dangerous obstruction. Furthrmore, when it comes to creating storage or shelving areas in your home, being creative is key to finding the perfect solution for your space. Moreover, our collection of cabinets includes first aid cabinets, dangerous substance cabinets, coshh cabinets and personal protective equipment cabinets. As well as having a product to fit all of your needs, they are also all guaranteed to be durable and keep all of your equipment safe and secure.​


Sideboards in living rooms can be for more than just looks—they can act as storage too. Use your sideboard to store books, movies, photos or even records. The possibilities are nearly endless. In addition, one of the primary functions of a sideboard is to provide additional storage space. The combination of drawers, shelves, and cabinets allows you to organize and store a wide range of items. Moreover, in dining rooms, sideboards can hold tableware, serving dishes, and glassware. In living rooms, they can house books, media equipment, and display cherished decor pieces. They are also practical additions to bedrooms, offering storage for bedding, clothing, or bulky winter wear.


Bookcases are so useful. Obviously, they are perfect for storing books, but this easy to build cabinet can also be used for so many other storage solutions in your home. Moreover, if you’re wondering which bookcase to buy, we suggest you consider the ones that come with adjustable shelves. These bookcases provide the flexibility to adjust the shelf heights as per your requirement, making them perfect for books of varying sizes. Additionally, if you have a large collection of books, you can opt for a bookcase with multiple shelves to accommodate all your books comfortably.

Bedside Tables

Your nightstand is a landing place for your bedtime essentials like a glass of water, reading lamp, and alarm clock or phone, letting you dream in peace knowing everything is within reach. That’s why a bedside table is one of the most important—yet difficult to select—pieces of bedroom furniture. In addition, you can explore a dozen of the most beautiful bedside table ideas at PRODUCTOO. Furthermore, bedside tables come in different materials, such as wood, metal, glass, and plastic. Your choice of material depends on your personal preference, budget, and lifestyle. Therefore, by considering factors such as style, size, and materials, you can choose the perfect bedside tables that will enhance your bedroom’s overall look and feel, transforming your bedroom into a relaxing and comfortable space.


If you’re looking to get organized but you want to keep the style of your home office, living room, or bedroom intact, we offer a line of elegantly crafted bookcases, standing shelves, and storage cubes to provide unique organization that will fit right at home with your current decor. Coordinate the different stands for a more professional look or mix and match colors and styles to create a look all your own. Moreov, the elegant wall shelves add understated style to any home or office setting, all while helping to reduce clutter and give you a place to show off your most treasured photos, collectibles, or anything else. From wall mounted wooden shelves to light and airy glass shelving, and even some extra restaurant shelving and displays, you’ll find the style you need for your decor and storage needs.

Chest of Drawers

A trusty chest of drawers is one of the most versatile and functional pieces of furniture you can purchase for your home. Moreover, if you are looking for a way to declutter your space and to organise your belongings, then a chest of drawers provides the ideal solution. There are a variety of different chests on the market that offer drawers of different sizes, allowing you to keep items neatly organised for easy access. Clothes, accessories, bed linens, towels, and other belongings can be stowed away, keeping clutter at bay. Therefore, at PRODUCTOO you will find highest-quality chest of drawers within your budget, that will stand the test of time.


A sophisticated and versatile wardrobe is the key to effortless style and self-expression. Moreover, a perfect wardrobe design can accommodate all your needs and requirements, complement the layout and theme of the bedroom both functionally and aesthetically, and also reflect your personality and style. Therefore, the product includes Customised Two-Door Wardrobe, Concealed Wardrobes, Laminate Wardrobe, Walk-In Wardrobes, Wide Wardrobe with Sliding Doors. Therefore, choosing a wardrobe that can fit well into your bedroom can be easy storage solution.

Dressing Tables

Today, a dressing table with storage not only features a full-sized mirror but also offers ample racks and shelves for all our products, makeup, and jewellery, ensuring everything stays neatly organised. Like any other furniture in our homes, it should seamlessly blend with our interior decor. Moreover, are you interested in transforming your home with our gorgeous designs? all the Dressing tables come with drawers and shelves that provide ample storage for your accessories and cosmetics. You can easily organize your makeup, jewelry, and hair accessories, making them easily accessible. Look no longer further anywhere because PRODUCTOO products will offer a perfect fusion of style and practicality.

Wall Shelves

Regardless of where you live or your design aesthetic, knowing how to build wall shelves will offer you the rare opportunity to create practical storage. Furthermore, when you’re looking for extra storage or display space, there is no solution as simple as wall shelves. They are cheap, practical, easily available, can be installed quickly and (best of all) take up very little space. Additionally, there are certain benefits you can expect from using our shelving solutions in your home or business. 

  • Saved Space
  •  Improved Organization
  • More Convenience
  •  Waste Reduction
  • Better Efficiency and Productivity

To wrap Up

Are you looking to upgrade your warehouse or simply improve your home storage? We know that dealing with clutter and finding the perfect types of shelves to maximize your storage space can be quite a challenge. That’s why PRODUCTOO put together this easy-to-understand guide to different shelving types and storage. Therefore, by keeping these factors in mind, you can find the perfect shelving solution, whether it’s bathroom shelves, curved corner shelves, or open storage shelves, to enhance your space and keep your belongings organized. Shop with PRODUCTOO and experience the best solution to your storage.