Cooking at its Finest with Direct Stoves!

A direct stove is an online website where you can buy a new stove or range. Moreover, stoves can be powered with many fuels, such as electricity, gasoline, wood, and coal. Direct Stoves offers you to explore slide-in and double oven gas stove lineup and find what fits best for your cooking routine. In addition,when it comes to choosing your fireplace, many people know whether they want to opt for an electric, gas or wood-burning fire. Here at Contura, we have a range of high-quality wood burning fireplaces and stoves to choose from. So, if you have decided you would like a wood burning fireplace or stove, but haven’t quite decided on your perfect option, therefore PRODUCTOO SHOPPING provide improved reliable and affordable cook stoves. Following are the products of Direct Stoves:

  • Wood Burning
  • Multi Fuel
  • Gas and Electric

Wood Burning Stove

Direct Stoves have huge collection of Wood Burning Stoves. The timeless, yet modern, design combined with efficient heating source. Moreover, a Direct wood stove is a wonderful addition to any home with adding amply of heat to your room; a log burner can also be carbon neutral and save your money on energy bills. We provide our customers with best quality wood burning stoves from some of the best industry brands, including Arada, Charnwood, Esse, Hunter, and many more. In addition, choosing the right stove involves a thoughtful evaluation of various factors to ensure it not only enhances the ambiance of your space but also meets your heating needs efficiently.

Pro’s and con’s of wood burner Direct Stove


  • Reduces heating bills compared to gas and electric.
  • Modern wood burning stoves can be very efficient.
  • Wood is a renewable fuel source, making a log burner a sustainable and efficient ways of heating the home.


  • Potentially higher up-front cost for installation when compared to a gas fire.
  • Having only one stove installed will not realistically be able to heat an entire property.
  • cost can be recuperated back by using the stove over many years.

Multi Fuel Stove

This type of stove is capable of burning different materials as well as wood. The high fuel efficiency means you can burn a range of fuels whilst reducing your fuel consumption levels. Furthermore, Direct Stoves have an extensive range of top quality multi burner stove for you to choose from. Moreover, at Direct Stove it take great pride in offering quality products all year around. So whether it’s summer BBQs or winter fuel, we have you covered. Therefore, find your multi fuel stove online at Direct Stove and therefore we offer contemporary to traditional, cast iron or steel.

What’s the difference between a wood-burning stove and a multi-fuel stove?

  • A wood-burning stove, sometimes known as a wood burner, is not suitable for coal and peat fuels, unlike their multi-fuel counterparts.
  • Whether you end up with a multi-fuel stove or wood-burning stove, both types will form an excellent focal point for a kitchen or living room.
  • The inside of a multi fuel stove is a little different to a wood burner.
  • When it comes to the design of your stove, both wood burning and multi fuel stoves come in wide range of styles and sizes.
  • Wood burning stoves can only burn wood, no other fuel types.
  • Multi-fuel stoves can burn a variety of different fuel types such as peat or turf briquettes, smokeless coal, anthracite, and wood logs.

Gas and Electric Stove

 Direct Stove have an exclusive range of log-effect and coal-effect gas fire stoves for all types of homes, including gas stoves for conventional flues and balanced flues gas stoves moreover, flue less gas stove options for homes without chimneys. We have top quality brands including Brosely, Burley and more. Now purchase online your perfect gas stove.

On the other hand, Direct Stove offers a huge collection of electric stove ranges. Moreover, it is a replacement for solid-fuel stoves, and is far more efficient, safe and is now becoming very popular to use electric stove rather than gas stoves as they are easy to operate. Furthermore, it is an option from leading manufacturers including ACR, Ekofires, Celsi, Brosely and many general, there is no reason to think an electric stove heater is any less wonderful than a wood burning stove.

Pros of a Gas Stove

  • Heats up quickly
  • Cools down much faster than eclectic
  • Can be used during a power outage
  • May be less expensive to use

Cons of Gas Stove

  • Harder to clean than eclectic
  • Harder to control low heats
  • Risk of gas leaks and explosions

What is the Difference between the Gas and Electric Stove?

  • The main difference is that electric stoves use metal heating elements, while gas stoves rely on open flames.
  • Your gas burner may lose some heat in the air, but the amount is nominal. An electric burner loses almost no heat by making direct contact with a piece of cookware.
  • Gas burners tend to remain cleaner and, therefore, easier to clean.
  • Gas ranges tend to be more expensive than electric, as does the installation process, even if the features are comparable.
  • Both gas and electric stoves come in a range of styles and appearances.
  • Gas stoves are designed to ignite and produce heat immediately, while Electric stoves heat up more slowly.
  • Installation for an electric stove is fairly simple on the other hand Gas stoves are more difficult to install.

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