ARMD Van Alarm and Tracker-Trusted Every day and Everywhere!

Every car needs to be protected, secured and checked to prevent theft, abuse and others. In doing this, you can either use a car alarm or a vehicle tracking device. ARMD provide reassurance to tradespeople by protecting them against avoidable risk in a smart and easy way. Furthermore, ARMD provide security products and services you need to get you back up and running. In addition, ARMD is the best vehicle tracker company that ensures safety and security. Monitor real-time location, receive instant alerts. Multi-functional smart van alarm and tracker system for helping to secure their vehicles with unique security features.

Moreover, PRODUCTOO SHOPPING provide with the most comprehensive Van alarm and Tracker system which is affordable and easy-to-use therefore, ARMD giving you the general security you need. Here are some key points of ARMD Guard smart van Alarm & Tracker.

  • Allows you to take abrupt action in the event of a break in.
  • ‘Plug and Play’ set up with 2 minutes-no technical knowledge required
  • Find your van and track movement with the inbuilt GPS.

ARMD Guard Smart Alarm

  • Smart alarm and vehicle tracker
  • SIM connectivity
  • Alarm SMS & Voice warning calls
  • ARMD Tool inventory App
  • 5Days claim promise
  • 12 month contract
  • From £8.99/month OR £107.88/ Year One time 24 connection fee including VAT and delivery

Features of ARMD Alarm Tracking

  • An ARMD alarm system offers around the clock security for your car. Therefore, You can fit your GPS tracking together with the alarm system so that in case the thieves manage to get away with your car, it will be easier to track them down.
  • ARMD Car alarm systems are quite affordable and the installation process is easy too.
  • With ARMD alarm systems fitted in your car, you just have to press the button on your keys and the car will identify itself.
  • You can be able to manage everything in your car remotely from your home with having a GPS vehicle tracking system.
  • You’ll receive notifications to your mobile devices about these and other situations.
  • A great feature of most ARMD GPS trackers is that they have rechargeable batteries.


Precautionary Measures while using ARMD Alarm

  • Keep the tracker away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.
  • Use its maximum operating range.
  • Check its signal strength periodically.
  • Ensure it is installed correctly and in an unobstructed location on your vehicle or person.
  • If possible, ensure the device is kept from the ground.
  • Don’t even try to shake them violently.


ARMD hold true to this commitment by providing today’s latest cutting edge GPS products and services. Moreover, with ARMD products you will experience today’s leading cloud based platforms. In addition, ARMD sure to meet your personal and business needs with extensive options and service plans. Meeting your objectives our limitless solutions. Furthermore, ARMD aims to make insurance coverage easier and more affordable for tradespeople to protect their livelihoods therefore, ARMD including their tools, van, and security. Therefore, for further technical knowledge visit the website